Jean Monnet Module EU Public Procurement contains teaching and research activities focused on EU public procurement. Academic added value stems from introduction of special content focusing on legal, administrative, economic and environmental aspects of EU public procurement policy into economic study programmes. The module is designed for students who are not directly connected to the EU integration studies. The module will strive to prepare professionals skilled in EU public procurement by providing professional education and research. Outputs will be available for anyone who might be interested. The module will promote first teaching and research activities in the field of EU integration studies for young teacher/researcher. The module will also deliver tailor-made course on specific EU topic relevant for students and practitioners in their professional life. The action will benefit the target group by providing new and tailored academic content that will integrated theoretical knowledge with practical skills. European aspects will be introduced to the study programmes usual having no opportunity to study European integration topics. Future and existing public administrators will have direct access to relevant information how to manage public procurement processes within the European administrative space.