Tomáš MALATINEC graduated from doctoral program in Public Administration and Regional Development at the Slovak University of Agriculture in May 2014. Current research interests include public administration, public law, and public finance with particular emphasis on public procurement. He also holds a master degrees in European studies from 2013, and in Law from 2015. He spent several months studying and working in public affairs in Canada, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Kazakhstan, etc. He is the coordinator of the national research project VEGA 1/0750/17 Perspectives of Green Public Procurement at Regional and Local Level.

Currently, he is an assistant professor at the Department of Regional Science and Management (Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Košice). He has published scientific articles on efficiency in public administration, trade licensing administration, green public procurement, and public affairs at local level. He has participated also in several international educational projects.

Courses: Administrative Law, Municipal Policy, Local Economic Development, EU Public Procurement